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<title>Ancestors of Sammy Williams</title>

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<h1>Slover/Choate Cherokee Lineage</h1>

(21 November 2017)</center>


<p>After many years of research DNA Genealogy has finally matured to
the point where I decided to settle this question. I took two different
DNA tests using different providers and methodologies. Even though the
ratios of European DNA differed both tests agreed on Native American
ancestors. I have no Native American ancestors in my DNA.</p>

<h2>Silas Choate</h2>
There have been several investigations to link the Slover/Choate line
to the Cherokee Indian tribe. To date there is only one documented
Slover/Choate link to the Cherokee Indian tribe that I know of. <br>
Silas Choate (1785 - 1861) married at least one Cherokee woman. His
descendants are listed and registered with the Cherokee tribe in
Oklahoma. Silas Choate is a brother of Sanders Choate (1790 - ?) my
ancestor and father of Emeline Choate.<br>
Silas added to the confusion by naming one of his sons Sanders to honor
his brother. Many researchers have confused the nephew Sanders with his
uncle Sanders (1790 - ?). <br>
To add even more confusion the nephew is registered with the Cherokee
tribe. <br>
Many people have also confused the nephew Sanders marriage to Susan
Riley with his uncle's Sanders (1790 - ?) marriage to Nancy

<h2>Sanders Choate</h2>
Sanders Choate (Chote) (1790 - ?) lived in the same area as Silas
Choate and married a woman named Nancy Titsworth. They had five
children (that I know of) and my ancestor is their daughter Emeline
Choate. Emeline (1816 - 1898) married Samuel Slover (22 Mar 1831
Madison, AR) and this is where the Slovers and Choates cross lines. <br>
Emeline applied to the government for acceptance to the Cherokee tribe
in 1896. This application was rejected as not being know by the current
members of the tribe. <br>
The Dawes list had many requirements including living with the tribe on
Indian lands. Emeline and her children did not do this. <br>
Emeline and her parents did generally move with the Cherokee tribes,
but there were several Cherokee migrations from the early 1800's to the
mid 1800's. These multiple waves make it very hard to track who was in
which tribe of the Cherokee nation.<br>
Emeline is listed in the Slover family history and the Choate family
history as being of Cherokee descent. But, neither book lists any
source or documentation to support that. But, with her application it
is evident that she believed it to be true even during a time when it
was looked down on. <br>
Genealogy is a murky business, especially when there is little
documentation to back up the stories. Sometimes we have to look at the
large picture to follow the flow of events. Sanders Choate and Nancy
Titsworth did live in the area described as Cherokee Country. The
Cherokees were friendly to the whites and frequently intermarried. <br>
The conclusion that I have come to is that Emeline believed that she
was at least part Cherokee, but there is currently no way to prove it.
For a strict genealogist this means that no claim to the Cherokee
lineage should be put forth until proof is found, if ever. For an
amateur genealogist the story can be included, but disclaimers should
be added as further proof is searched for. <br>
<a href="http://sammywilliams.com/Slover/Application.htm"
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<h2>Relationship Chart for Emeline Choate and Sanders Choate </h2>
<img style="width: 686px; height: 354px;" alt="Relationship Chart"